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The Communications Committee develops and implements social media and marketing strategies to promote upcoming events, programs, and initiatives within ASCE Orange County. It serves to recognize members of the civil engineering community and to support the promotional efforts of all ASCE OC activities.

Committee members are responsible for creating social media strategies to generate new members and retain current members! This requires working with other ASCE OC Committees and Institutes, posting content across all ASCE OC social media platforms — Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and sending email updates bi-weekly. 

For this fiscal year, we plan to continue these efforts by highlighting our ASCE OC members on social media every month through social media challenges, certification recognitions, events recap photos, and more!

If you are interested in creating event graphics and increasing our ASCE OC social media presence, please contact the Communications Committee Co-Chairs at!


2021 Get To Know YMF Photo Submissions

In 2021, the Communications Committee introduced "Get to Know YMF," a social media series that recognizes our Younger Member Forum (YMF) members' lives beyond ASCE and engineering by sharing their hobbies, dreams, favorite childhood memories, memorable experiences, bucket list items, and many more, with a fun photo! It is in an effort to encourage more members to attend our monthly meetings and highlight the personalities behind the creativity and passions of our ASCE OC YMF events and programs. Overall, the series was a wonderful reminder that behind every engineer is a person with memories, loved ones, dreams, and aspirations that helped shape them into the individual they are today. Check out and learn more about the civil engineers featured in the series on our Instagram account here!


Past Member Appreciation Stars

In 2021, we also established “Member Appreciation Stars” as part of our Member Appreciation Program. It is in an effort to celebrate the small and big successes of our members - both in ASCE and their personal lives! It can range from scheduling a meeting and creating a flyer to celebrating an engagement, and many more! Each star is collected during the monthly OC YMF board meeting where members share their “stars” for the month by typing it in a virtual post-it note on the MURAL platform. Check out all of our previous Member Appreciation stars on our Instagram account here!



In light of the coronavirus continuing to affect our daily lives, we've missed all the amazing people that inspire the strength and purpose of our ASCE Orange County family. Zoom meetings and events became the norm and it refocused our energies and time to new hobbies and talents! Through the power of technology and social media, the ASCE OC YMF Communications Committee introduced the Work from Home Photo Challenge on Instagram in May 2020. It is in an effort to reconnect with our wonderful members and continually encourage positivity during an otherwise challenging pandemic time. 

Furry Pals Week Photo Submissions

During Furry Pals Week, we met some of our local civil engineers’ favorite quarantine buddies. They ranged from dogs, cats, bunnies, stuffed animals, and even a pet rock! Working from home just wouldn’t be the same without them. We can also agree, they are so photogenic!

Baby Photos Week Photo Submissions

Baby Photos Week was adorable, charming, and just all-around sweet! We met the leaders of tomorrow and the future of engineering, as babies! Fifteen local civil engineers submitted their photos, and we are so proud of how far they have come! Can you guess who’s who?

ASCE Friendships Week Photo Submissions

For ASCE Friendships Week, we shared fond memories with our ASCE friends. It truly reminded us that despite the pandemic, we will always find our way back home to our ASCE OC family. From meeting in college to attending local events, it is truly amazing to see how many friendships were made through ASCE OC over the years. We are grateful and excited for all the other wonderful memories we will make in the future!

Marionne Lapitan
Communications Committee Co-Chair
Michael Baker International

Sam Saldivar
Communications Committee Co-Chair
Riverside County Flood Control

Elisa De La Pena
Communications Committee Co-Chair
Michael Baker International

Gerardo Padilla
Mark Thomas

Andy Nguyen
Creative Content Director
Orange County Public Works

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President's Message

Welcome to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Orange County Younger Member Forum (OC YMF)! For those who are new to our organization, OC YMF aims to help Younger Members grow professionally and serves both the profession and the community!

I am humbled to have the opportunity to serve as the OC YMF President for the 2022-2023 Fiscal Year. I look forward to continuing my contribution to this awesome organization alongside so many great individuals.

Over the years, my experience with OC YMF has been a great one! I appreciate all of the friendships I have made, the opportunities for personal and professional growth, and the ability to have a positive impact on the community. I definitely recommend getting involved!

About Our ASCE OC YMF Leaders & Events

I am very proud of our outstanding board, composed of the following committees: Communications, Community Outreach, External Activities, Internal Activities, K-12 Outreach, and University Outreach. I am joined on the Executive…

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