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As part of our Member Appreciation Program, we are showcasing a member in our bi-monthly Board Member Spotlight. Our member spotlight recognizes members for their outstanding contributions to the profession and our local communities. For any questions regarding the program please email




Isamar Escobar

Civil Associate
Michael Baker International
K-12 Outreach Chair
ASCE Orange County Younger Member Forum


Where did you grow up?
Modesto, CA

What made you want to become an engineer?
In high school I really enjoyed math, though I was never particularly great at it. I had originally decided on architecture because I was intrigued by intricate buildings and skyscrapers. However, I soon realized that I have no artistic ability. At that point I didn’t really know about civil engineering, but with the power of Google I learned that civil engineers actually design the buildings. I realized that this what I wanted to learn more about.

Favorite hobbies, sports, and interests outside of engineering?
Soccer, reading, volunteering, traveling, music, movies, and shows, running, spending time with family and friends, and learning about new people, places, and things.

Finish this sentence: On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me...

What college(s) did you attend? Can you list your degrees, any honors, and involvement in engineering organizations during school?
University of California, Irvine – Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering. While at UCI, I was involved with ASCE, ESC (Engineering Student Council), and SWE (Society of Women Engineers).


Describe your responsibilities and some significant projects.
As a Civil Associate at Michael Baker International in the Surface Water Design team, I have been able to work on a variety of flood control projects. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a Storm Drain Master Plan for the City of South San Francisco, scour analysis and embankment protection for a portion of the San Diego Creek in Irvine, 2D animation floodplain analysis model for a highway in Riverside County, and various channel and storm drain plans in Orange and Riverside County.

At Michael Baker International, I am a part of our Good Works and Wellness Works committee. On the Good Works side, we organize volunteering opportunities in the area such as beach clean ups, food drives, graffiti clean-ups, and many other community service events. On the Wellness Works side, we promote healthy living with healthy potlucks, lunch walks, bike rides, and many other events.

What project are you currently working on and what have you accomplished/what are your tasks? 

What is your favorite part about being a Civil Engineer?
My favorite part of being a Civil Engineer is being able to work with intelligent, passionate people who strive to improve and change the world we live in.

What skills do you find most valuable to focus on in your career?

What drew you to your specific career path? If you could start your career differently, what would you do differently?


How/Why did you get involved? Why did you choose to stay involved?
I first got involved with ASCE my first year at UCI, because I wanted to learn more about civil engineering. I honestly can’t remember how I heard about ASCE, but I remember being very inspired at the first meeting I attended. As I continued getting involved I became Conference Co-Chair, Concrete Canoe Rower, Concrete Canoe Mix Captain, and Internal Vice President. I stayed involved and continue to stay involve, because of the people. I have made some great and lasting friendships via ASCE. I’ve had the privilege to meet amazing people who have done incredible things in their lives and careers, and others who I know will do incredible things in the future.

How has ASCE impacted your work and/or what is your favorite benefit of your involvement?

Who is someone you Admire and Why?

If you have one piece of advice to give to young professionals what would it be?

Lastly, what would be your personal motto?


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