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ASCE OC T&DI: Developer Panel

ASCE OC T&DI invited Liane Takano (Executive Vice President, Related California Affordable), James M. O’Malley (Principal, JMO Land Use Planning), and Eric Nelson (Vice President, Community Development, Trumark Homes) to the developer panel to discuss current industry changes and challenges, legislation impacting design and construction in land development, and how the consultant community can help make projects run smoother. The panel was moderated by Jeff Braun (ENGEO).

Some of the topics discussed included pain points on their projects that engineers can help with, unique considerations to be aware of when supporting affordable housing projects, engagement with agencies on policies and standards, how engineers can support developers’ engagement with local governments, and what sets a great engineering consultant apart from the good.

The panel was very engaging, and the event was well-received by the audience. This in-person event hosted about 32 people at The Met in Costa Mesa on September 13, 2023. Participants had the opportunity to network with each other and the guest speaker.

T&DI appreciates Ms. Takano, Mr. O’Malley, and Mr. Nelson’s willingness to participate on the developer panel and Mr. Braun for moderating. 


About the Author:

Akshay Banesh is a structural engineer working in Orange County, CA. He enjoys working with the T&DI Board under the ASCE OC branch, to put on great events for the engineering community. Manasa Vijayakumar is the incoming Secretary for the T&DI Board, look forward to more updated from her in the upcoming year!


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