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ASCE OC Younger Member Forum: Virtual Trivia Night - March General Meeting

ASCE OC YMF held its monthly general meeting on Wednesday, March 14th. The meeting was held virtually and consisted of general announcements from the president, other board members, and each of the three campuses - UCI, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal State Fullerton. Following these announcements, attendees could also compete against one another through Kahoot! Trivia games relating to the topics of civil engineering and pop culture. The scores remained close as the attendees went head to head and created a fun, competitive atmosphere. At the end of each game, the reigning three were announced and able to make their virtual victory walks, though only the ultimate champion of each round was to be awarded the much-coveted prize.


About the Author:

Jacob Perea is a Civil Engineering Associate at Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. He received his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering at CSU Fullerton in 2023. He is currently the ASCE OC YMF PSBC Co-Chair. He is actively involved in professional organizations and is excited to be a part of organizations that have impacts around the world. Jacob can be contacted via LinkedIn.

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