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As part of our Member Appreciation Program, we are showcasing a member in our bi-monthly Board Member Spotlight. Our member spotlight recognizes members for their outstanding contributions to the profession and our local communities. For any questions regarding the program please email




Gabreelle Gonzalez

Civil Engineer
Fuscoe Engineering
University Outreach Chair
ASCE Orange County Younger Member Forum


Where did you grow up?
Covina, CA

What made you want to become an engineer?
I originally wanted to be an Architect; however, when I began to apply to colleges my dad asked if I had heard of civil engineering. I had never heard of it, so I decided to do some research. I looked into it and found that it was a profession I had a great interest in. If I had chosen another career path it would have been marketing.

Favorite hobbies, sports, and interests outside of engineering?
I enjoy watching Basketball, but my favorite sport would have to be gymnastics. I was a gymnast until my sophomore year in high school. Food adventures, spending time with family, board games, Disneyland, dirt bike riding, and hiking are some enjoyable activities.

Finish this sentence: On Sunday mornings, you can usually find me...

What college(s) did you attend? Can you list your degrees, any honors, and involvement in engineering organizations during school?
I attended the University of California, Irvine and obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Transportation. I was a member of the Engineering Student Council Public Relations Committee. As for my involvement with ASCE UCI, I was Historian, Internal Vice President, and Concrete Canoe Mix Captain. As internal Vice president, I laid the foundation for the Mentorship program and am very happy to see the program continue to grow.


Describe your responsibilities and some significant projects.
As a member of the Commercial Land Development team, I am involved with projects varying from churches to corporate headquarters. As a recent hire I have quickly been incorporated into a variety of projects including the Broadcom Campus, Festival of the Arts, and the Del Amo Financial Center. My experience at Fuscoe thus far has broadened my exposure within civil engineering.

What project are you currently working on and what have you accomplished/what are your tasks? 

What is your favorite part about being a Civil Engineer?
My favorite part of being a Civil Engineer is being able to contribute to projects that have a positive impact on the community.

What skills do you find most valuable to focus on in your career?

What drew you to your specific career path? If you could start your career differently, what would you do differently?
I began my career doing public works projects and recently made a switch to Commercial Land Development. I began focused in transportation, but wanted to broaden my horizons and experience general civil engineering. If I were to start my career differently I would have taken the general civil engineering specialization at UCI. This route would have allowed me to take a wider variety of courses.


How/Why did you get involved? Why did you choose to stay involved?
My senior year of High School my ceramics teacher gave me one piece of advice that stuck with me throughout my life. He said “When you start college be involved. Join as many organizations as you can.” I took his advice literally and made it a point to try all of the engineering organizations available at UCI. Although all the organizations had a lot to offer, ASCE was my favorite. The networking opportunities and long lasting friendships proved to be very valuable to me. This is why even after graduation I continue to be involved with ASCE and encourage current students to do the same.

How has ASCE impacted your work and/or what is your favorite benefit of your involvement?
ASCE has given me the opportunity to broaden my professional network while increasing my exposure to the field of civil engineering. Through my involvement in ASCE I have improved my public speaking, leadership, and time management skills. My favorite ASCE event aside from PSWC as a student is the OC Branch History and Heritage/Student Night. I enjoy this event because not only do we celebrate the history of civil engineering, but we give recognition to all the hard work the student chapters have done throughout the year.

Who is someone you Admire and Why?

If you have one piece of advice to give to young professionals what would it be?

Lastly, what would be your personal motto?


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