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ASCE CSU Fullerton: Student Chapter Celebrates 2024 Graduates and YMF Mentorship Program

Updated: May 25

CSUF ASCE Celebratory End-of-the-Year Banquet

The CSUF ASCE chapter ended the academic year with a grand banquet held at the Alumni House on campus, marking a momentous occasion to honor the dedication and achievements of its members and the evening commenced with a delightful mingling session, fostering camaraderie among attendees, followed by a delicious dining experience. Club President Annabelle Recinos led the award ceremony, where board members were acknowledged for their diligent efforts and presented with playful superlatives to add a dash of humor to the occasion. Fun certificates like "most creative," "worst case of senioritis," "biggest adventurer," "best dressed," and more brought a lively atmosphere to the banquet. Moreover, a heartfelt acknowledgment was extended to Nate Pelaez, the club's PSWS chair, for his remarkable dedication and instrumental role in orchestrating our chapter's successful trip to PSWS in Hawaii. Concluding the festivities, group photographs immortalized cherished memories with board members and banquet attendees. On behalf of the club, heartfelt appreciation is extended to our Internal Vice President, Hafsa Farooqui, for coordinating the banquet, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for all. Indeed, it was a day to be cherished and remembered fondly.

Member's of our student chapter gather for a group picture.


About the Author:

Mark Saba is a devoted second year civil engineering major at California State University of Fullerton. He has previous experience interning at the Engineering Lab where he tested on concrete, asphalt, and soils. Mark enjoys spending his free time going on hikes and baking cakes with his friends.


YMF Mentorship Academy Banquet Ceremony

The YMF University Outreach Committee culminated its mentorship program with an end-of-year banquet ceremony. During this event, the committee acknowledged the achievements of 12 outstanding cohort members who completed the Mentorship Academy. 

The journey began in December 2023, marking the University Outreach's commitment to nurturing the next generation of civil engineering professionals. From December 2023 to May 2024, participating students honed their personal and professional skills, diligently preparing themselves for future careers in civil engineering. 

Reflecting on the first workshop, titled "Talk the Talk," attendees were equipped with the essential skills to effectively communicate with industry professionals in person and through electronic platforms. Subsequently, four workshops ensued, each designed to enhance professionalism by delving into crucial topics such as mental health awareness, interview etiquette, strategies for crafting exemplary resumes, and more. 

This past year has been transformative for all involved and characterized by profound learning and personal growth for the attendees. Moreover, it has been a pivotal opportunity to foster meaningful connections between YMF members and aspiring students. Hasfa Farooqui, CSUF ASCE Internal Vice President and participant of the Mentorship Academy, reflected on the workshop, affirming, "Honesty and proactive communication are always the best policies and can be the difference between a good and great employee." Further underscoring the significance of these lessons, Hasfa stated, "I hope to apply these both, not only to set up a working system or easier flow for myself and fellow employees to reach our goals on time!" 

To mark the end of this enriching journey, the cohort gathered at BJ's in Orange for a celebratory event. Amidst the convivial atmosphere, attendees cherished each other's company while reminiscing about the collective efforts invested throughout the academy. The evening's highlight was a ceremonial recognition wherein all members received well-deserved accolades, including a tassel and certificate of completion, symbolizing their dedication and achievements.

End-of-the-Year Banquet Attendees


About the Author:

Annabelle Talavera is a dedicated senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at California University of Fullerton. With a strong background in construction and stormwater inspection, Annabelle brings practical knowledge to her academic pursuits. In the academic year of 2023-2024, she will be taking on the role of historian for the ASCE CSUF student chapter. Outside of her academic and professional endeavors, she enjoys rock climbing, crocheting, and spending time with her friends and family. If you'd like to connect with Annabelle or learn more about her experiences and involvement, she can be reached at


YMF Wellness by Design Workshop

The YMF University Outreach Committee hosted its third event as part of their University Outreach Mentorship Academy at UCI on February 23, 2024. Hosted during midterms, it was a timely chance for students to look at their wellness and learn how to prioritize their mental well-being. Guest speaker Dr. Gabe, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and current therapist at Sweet Mango Therapy, spoke on the importance of ensuring that we consistently prioritize doing things that contribute to positive mental health. He emphasized that we must take care of ourselves first to achieve anything and everything we set out to do, such as succeed in classes and careers. Filled with opportunities for interaction and collaboration, Dr. Gabe guided the group through self-reflective exercises, allowing students to set their perfect “recipes” to maintain positive wellness practices. Overall, it was an excellent way for students to take time to slow down and ensure they are designing their lives to include wellness. Thank you to Dr. Gabe for coming out to share your knowledge and inspiration with us!

YMF Wellness By Design Workshop


About the Author:

Alejandro Gonzalez is an ambitious senior at California State University of Fullerton majoring in Civil Engineering. Alex has a background in construction management, with just under two years of experience both on the field and in the office. In the academic year of 2023 - 2024, he will be the External Vice-President for the CSUF ASCE student chapter. Outside of work and school, he likes to spend his free time hanging out with his friends, hanging out with his lovely girlfriend, and rock climbing. If you’d like to connect with Alejandro or learn more about his experiences and involvement, he can be reached at


New Year New Mentee: Setting and Mastering Goals

The new year brings fresh opportunities for growth for all of us! Whether personal, professional, or academic, the new year is an excellent opportunity to set intentions and goals for what we want to achieve, learn, and experience. In this second part of the University Outreach Mentorship Academy program, the University Outreach team set out to empower students with practical tools to set their own goals. Speakers Gaby Gonzalez and Jonathan Lee provided these tools through an informative presentation. They spoke on different topics, such as time management skills and setting personal goals to ensure a healthy work/life balance. The students could then make vision boards to set their goals for the year creatively. Using cutouts from magazines and their illustrations, the students could show what they wanted to prioritize this year, such as getting an internship, traveling, and having more active lifestyles!


About the Author:

Hafsa Farooqui is a passionate 4th-year civil engineering student excited about a career in land design! Apart from serving as the current ASCE Co-Internal Vice President and a former PSWS environmental competitor, Hafsa has shadowed a president architect, conducted research for the CSUF mechanical engineering department, and interned at an environmental testing lab. She enjoys baking, hiking, watching The Lion King, and drinking chai! Hafsa will intern as a production intern at Kimley-Horn’s Orange office this upcoming summer.


ASCE OC General Meeting: Greeting Cards Event

ASCE OC YMF held their monthly general meeting on Wednesday, February 21st, in the Walker Consultants office. The meeting consisted of general announcements from the president, committee chairs, other board members, and the student chapters. After the announcements, UCI, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal State Fullerton presented to receive funding for the PSWS competition held in Hawaii in April, followed by questions and feedback. Following the student presentation, the meeting's attendees created cards for a local Children's Hospital. Using colorful cards, stickers, and markers, we hope these cards can brighten the day for those who receive them!


About the Author:

Montzerrat Arellano is a senior civil engineering student at California State University, Fullerton. Regarding a specific focus, Montzerrat Arellano aims to be a Geo-Structural Engineer with an Architectural Emphasis. She has been interning as a soil laboratory technician at Associated Soils Engineering, Inc. since May 2023. Alongside her job and schoolwork, Montzerrat is the Treasurer for ASCE’s Fullerton student chapter for the 2023-2024 academic school year. Apart from her work and school life, you can catch her gardening, studying plants, crystals, and healing techniques, as well as trying out new restaurants and cafes she and her friends find on social media. If you have any questions that you would like to ask her, feel free to contact her at

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