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ASCE OC University Outreach: Game Night

Updated: Jan 9

YMF hosted its annual ASCE OC Game Night on September 29th, welcoming the three schools in the region: UCI, Cal State Long Beach, and Cal State Fullerton. The night brought students together through fun and interactive games such as trivia, word scramble, and cup flip tik tac toe, all with a touch of Taylor Swift to match the event’s Eras Tour theme. Each team represented a different ‘Era,’ seeing which group would come out on top was thrilling. With a new academic year ahead, it was an excellent opportunity for the University Outreach team to share what they had in store for the students. The committee debuted the new “Mentorship Academy” program and all the scholarships available through the OC Branch’s History and Heritage Student Scholarship Night. Thank you to all who attended; long live all the memories we made. We will remember it all too well.

Holding onto the memories by taking a group picture!

Team “Lover” and Team “Speak Now” getting ready for the delicate task of tower building


About the Author:

Brisa Bernal is a Civil Engineer at Diaz-Yourman and a recent California State University, Fullerton graduate. While at California State University, Fullerton, she served as one of the Co-Presidents for the CSUF Student chapter. Brisa was a team member for the 2022 Geowall Team, winning second place at that year’s national competition. She enjoys volunteering to make magical moments for underserved children and advocating for more women in engineering. Brisa can be contacted at or on LinkedIn

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