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ASCE OC Government Relations: Legislative Fly-In and Policy Week 2024

Updated: Apr 1

It was another fantastic 2024 American Society of Civil Engineers Legislative Fly-In and Policy Week representing the California delegation for the second year in a row! Over 200 civil engineering professionals from across the US states and territories engaged in conversations with policymakers about infrastructure issues and solutions that are timely and relevant to our local communities. 

I had a fierce team of the 3 Musketeers alongside Michael Drennan and Maryn Santiago as we attended our congressional meetings to talk to Congress about important infrastructure policies and initiatives that need their support, which ultimately protect our citizens' health, safety, and welfare.

Advocating for resilient infrastructure, workforce development, #WRDA, #FAA, and the #IIJA comes inherently to us as civil engineers, which means letting legislators know how much it impacts them and their constituents is a worthwhile discussion that goes beyond this week. Thank you to our Senators and House of Representatives legislative staff for taking the time to meet with us in another busy, tumultuous week for them. It's truly an incredible honor to share our stories and help build a better future world for the next generation.

Congratulations to a dear friend and fellow younger member, Ana Tijerina Esquino, EI, for receiving the ASCE Advocate of the Year - Individual Award. If you've seen her in action, her passion roars from across the room, and you can't help but be even more passionate about advocacy, too! 

Thank you to my employer, Jacobs, for their continuous support of my ASCE involvement in infrastructure advocacy!

Our work continues beyond DC. There are still ways for us to go, but as always, what an incredible and exciting time to be a civil engineer!

Disclaimer: The content of this article is taken from Marionne Lapitan's original LinkedIn post. See link here.


About the Author:

Marionne Lapitan is a Traffic/ITS Engineer in the Roads & Highways Team at Jacobs. She received her BS in Civil Engineering at CSU Long Beach in 2019 and MS in Civil Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona in 2023. She is currently the ASCE OC Publications Committee Editor-In-Chief and the ASCE OC YMF President-Elect. Actively involved in various professional organizations, she is passionate about designing and building communities, both structurally and socially. She aims to make a difference in the world through civil engineering in hopes of building a brighter future for the next generation. She also enjoys traveling, graphic designing, and reading books in her free time. Marionne can be contacted via or LinkedIn.

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