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ASCE UC Irvine: Volunteering at the 2023 ASCE OC Golf Tournament

At the ASCE OC 2023 Golf Tournament, ASCE UCI volunteers played a crucial role and made a strong impression. They connected with industry professionals and fellow students, building valuable relationships for their future careers. The volunteers also got to drive golf carts, which added excitement to their volunteering experience. They happily distributed delicious lunches to all participants and staff, ensuring everyone stayed energized throughout the event. Their active involvement showcased their dedication to serving and contributing to the success of such gatherings, leaving a positive impact on the civil engineering community.

ASCE UCI volunteers having fun driving a golf cart for the first time!


About the Author:

Leonela Bracamonte, is an incoming fourth year Civil Engineering student at the University of California, Irvine with a specialization in Structural Engineering and Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources. Additionally, she is the President of the ASCE UCI student chapter for the upcoming 2023 - 2024 academic year. Leonela enjoys reading, crocheting, and spending quality time with her friends. Leonela can be contacted at

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